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U1_4 Blasting and polishing of details



Blasting is a method of treating the surface of metal parts with various abrasive and non-abrasive materials, which is applied in many industries in order to remove rust or scale, polish, matte, clean, remove coatings – such as paint or dirt or give texture to the surface.

In this design, a forced, accelerated and turbulent flow of abrasive material (sand and metal chips) is fed under high pressure and at high speed against the surface of the parts, in order to remove surface contaminants and more. A centrifugal wheel is used to drive the blasting particles.

The method is most often applied as a process before applying an anti-corrosion coating in order to protect the surface or the product or as a technique for giving a final appearance. The technology is also used for cleaning welded structures and laser or plasma treated surfaces.

Due to the extremely wide functional and applied range of the method, there is a variety of machines and types of pellets and consumables for blasting.

Mouse has an automatic sandblasting machine with a rubber belt TECHNOBLAST with a belt width of 1020 mm.

We use this machine to pre-process the parts before the powder coating process to remove scale, to remove the oxide from the edges of various plates after laser cutting with oxygen and for the slag from small welded parts.

For polishing the surface and edges of sheet parts we use a machine TIMESAVERS WDR 1350. This machine with a series of rotating sandpaper cleans and polishes the surface of the processed parts before the subsequent process of powder coating.


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