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SHEETS ( thickness 1.0 - 11.4 mm)

During the years, Mouse-PS Ltd. has built up a tremendous experience in production of plastic sheets. This has resulted in an extensive range of products of different plastics for many different applications.
Our production range includes:
– monolayer sheets, thickness 1-11.4mm, standard width 1500 and 2000mm,
– co-extruded sheets, thickness 1-6.5mm, standard width 1250 and 1400mm,
Today we produce a wide range of sheets from different material:
– HIPS – high impact polystyrene
– GPPS – crystal polystyrene
– PMMA – acrylics
– PP – polypropylene
Depending on the characteristics of the used material, the colors of the sheets can be:
– clear
– transparent
– translucent
– opaque
Our state-of-the-art technology for blending and dosing of various additives, fillers and masterbaches enables us to produce sheets with special features:
– any available colour by RAL, Pantone or by sample.
– controlled percentage of light transmittance and haze
– increased cold-resistance
– increase impact resistance
– reduced flammability – fire retardant
– increased UV protection
– ESD electro-conductive
Co-extrusion technology raised our production to another level.
This technology, gives us the possibility to offer the core and the surface of the sheets in different colours each. By adding extra layers, we can make the ordinary colours look brighter.
Usually the plain surface of the sheets can be matt or gloss. Today we can make it High Gloss.
We can add extra UV protection layer, antibacterial layer or other layers with special features.
The Quality Management of our company is committed to producing the best value for our customers. At all our manufacturing sites, we operate in accordance with the following standards:
– ISO 9001:2015
– ISO 14001:2015
– ISO 45001:2018
– EN ISO 50001:2011

We take orders to develop and produce sheets with special features according to the specific needs of our customers.

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