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Nearly 28 years ago when we stared our production we saw the enormous impact of plastics waste on the environment. That’s why we try to give another life to all industrial plastic waste and developed a program for recycling.
We introduced co-extrusion production in our factory and started taking back polystyrene and ABS waste from our customers to produce sheets using this technology. The virgin material was co-extruded on top and bottom of the sheet with recycled material in the middle. This gives our customers cheap sheets with brilliant surface.
Next step we made was introducing a WEIMA shredding machine and few grinders. That gives us the possibility to recycle oversized plastic waste as PE palettes, large diameter tubes, automotive parts, lumps, etc. In addition to that, we put into operation an EREMA production line for purification, grinding and recycling of industrial plastic waste.
At the moment we are recycling and granulating a wide range of plastics: PP / polypropylene/, PE /polyethylene/, HIPS /polystyrene/, ABS, and we even found a way to put PMMA /acrylic/ waste back into use.
Recycling of plastic waste reduces costs for our customers and at the same time decreases the amount of disposed waste. Our ambition is to continue to recycle material as much as possible in order to minimize the environmental impact.

We accept orders for processing of /post/industrial plastic waste, lumps, cut-offs etc.
We buy PMMA, ABS and HIPS /post/industrial plastic waste, cut-offs, etc.

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