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Extruded sheets and foil

In 2006 MOUSE-PS Ltd. acquired part of Plastchim AD’s assets, so we can say that we have continued a 40-year tradition in sheets and films extrusion. The production and the warehouse are located in Botevgrad, Bulgaria with 9000 square meters covered area.
Following a large-scale modernization, the plant starts production.
At the moment, we have four extruder lines and we produce HIPS, GPPS, ABS, PMMA and PP sheets and films. All line are provided with mixing and dosimetryc system SYSMETRIC, so we can produce our sheets and films in any available colour by RAL, Pantone or by sample.
Our production rang include:
– monolayer sheets, thickness 1-11.4mm, standard width 1500 and 2000mm,
– co-extruded sheets, thickness 1-6.5mm, standard width 1400mm,Електропроводимо фолио
– monolayer films, thickness 150-1200 mc, standard width up to 1100mm
– co-extruded films thickness 200-2200mm, standard width up to 850mm
Thinking about enormous impact of plastics waste on the environment we created a subsidiary for recycling of different kind of plastics.
More information about us is available in History section of this website.
The Quality Management of our company is committed to producing the best value for our customers. At all our manufacturing sites, we operate in accordance with the following standards:
– ISO 9001:2015
– ISO 14001:2015
– ISO 45001:2018
– EN ISO 50001:2011

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