02/44 12 50000359 2 441250000359 2 44125001220 София, кв. Военна Рампа ул. "професор Иван Георгов 3"3 Professor Ivan Georgov Str., Complex Voenna Rampa, 1220 Sofia, Bulgaria Prof. Ivan Georgov Str. 3, Stad. Voenna Rampa, 1220 SF, BG
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Glowing neon letters can be Plexiglas volumetric glow letters (illuminates the entire surface of the letter), neon volume tray glowing letters (neon face) (neon contour letters) and voluminous neon glow letters on the back of the letter (gives a glowing halo of the letter). Neon can also be placed on a billboard – in this case, the outline of the neon elements illuminates.

Catalogue 2020

Facade signs

Metal working and powder coating

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