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History of our extrusion production

In 2006 MOUSE-PS acquired part of Plastchim AD’s assets, a company with experience in polystyrene and acrylic sheet extrusion of more than 30 years. The production and warehouse are located in Botevgrad with 9000 square meters covered area. This move sets the beginning of production of extruded acrylic sheets. Following a large-scale modernization, the plant starts production of polystyrene-HIPS and GPPS, ABS, PMMA, polypropylene /PP/ and SAN sheets.

In 2007, a year later, the production of polystyrene films with thickness of 150-900 mc begins.

In 2008 we started production of co-extruded sheets with thickness of 10mm In 2010 we developed a program for recycling and started taking back polystyrene and ABS waste from our customers. The virgin material is co-extruded on top and bottom of the sheet with recycled material in the middle of the sheet. This gives our customers cheap sheets with brilliant surface and reduce the harmful impact of plastics waste on the environment.

In 2009, we have put into operation a EUROMAC cutting machine, which has enabled us to offer cut-to-size service.

In 2012 we introduced a production line WEIMA for shredding, grinding of the industrial plastic waste.

In 2015, the company bought specialized equipment SYSMETRIC for mixing and dosage, which lets us to produce PMMA, ABS and HIPS sheets in any colour by RAL or PANTONE or by sample.

In 2016, we have put into operation EREMA line for granulating. Now we are recycling a wide range of plastics: polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, and ABS.

In 2017, we developed and started production of diffuser sheets for lighting industry. The high percentage of light transmission and high level of light diffusion/scattering of the light/, make it suitable to be used for production of various kinds of lighting fixtures.

In 2018, we started production of electro-conductive high impact polystyrene films with thickness of 200-1200 mc and sheets up to 6.0 mm.

In 2019, we have put into operation a production line of HIPS films on jumbo rolls from 200 to 2200 mc. The line has a permanent thickness control system so the film produced on it has a uniform thickness and can be used in high-speed thermoforming machines.