11.11 Light Guide Plate - LGP

     We produce specialized laser engraved Light Guide Plate - LGP. Our know-how, specialized software and measurement systems guarantee equal light distribution. Depending on the direction of light, the number of LEDs and their power we can change the number of engraved dots, their form and depth, which guarantees equal light distribution and to avoid "moare" effect. The raster can be different in any parts of the plate. Achieving equal light distribution is specific for each luminaire or advertisement, that’s why we produce LGP panels according to the specific needs and requirements of our client. Non-rectangular shapes are also available. 
We will produce the optimal LGP panels for you according to:
- Size and thickness of the lighting fixture
- Number of the LEDs/light sources
- LED’s power
- Direction of the light - edge light or backlight
Our LGP panels are widely used in architecture, advertisement, interior design and lighting industry.

Catalogue extruded PS, ABS, SAN and PMMA sheets


Technologies for manufacturing