11.10 Co-extruded HIPS and GPPS

These sheets can be extruded in 2 layers (AB) or 3 layers (ABA).
The co-extrusion of crystal polystyrene over HIPS core makes the colours to look brighter and nicer.
The co-extrusion of virgin material over core of recycled material in the middle of the sheet gives our customers sheets with low price and brilliant surface.
Delivery program 2 or 3 layers co-extruded polysyrene sheets: 
› Standard size: 2050 x 1200 mm
› Maximum Length: 4050 mm
› Maximum width: 1200 mm 
› Thickness range: 1.00 - 6.00 mm
› Any RAL colour for upper (1)  and lower (3) layers
› Middle layer (2) - virgin HIPS in ANY RAL colour or crystal clear polysyrene
   or 100% recycled HIPS in grey or black
• Any colours are available at minimum quantity of 300 kg.

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