11.2 Acrylic sheets/Diffusers for LED

Catalogue extruded PS, ABS, SAN and PMMA sheets.


   Our acrylic sheets have brilliant optical properties and surface. We developed a series of specialized sheets for the lighting industries, suitable for diffusers of the different luminaries. These sheets have high percentage of Light Transmission and in same time very good defusing properties. It can hide LED.

Usually we produced our sheets whit UV-stabilization. 
We have the ability to mix with precision different masterbatches and additives to produce sheets with controlled LT and Haze percentage according to the needs of our customers. This lets our clients control the glare of the luminaries UGR (Unified Glare Rating).
Our diffuser sheets guarantee equal light distribution over the full surface of the diffuser while the lighting source remains hidden and there are no light spots on the diffuser.
Our technology enables us to control the LT and Haze ratio according to our clients’ needs for all thicknesses and sizes.
On request the sheets’ surface can be glossed, mat or embossed.
Delivery program of acrylic /PMMA sheets 
Standard size: 2050 x 1250 mm
3050 x 2000 mm
Maximum length: 6050 mm
Maximum width:   2000 mm 
Thickness range: 1.00 – 11.40 mm
Special thicknesses: on request, minimum quantity 300 kg.
Cut to size: Available on request no minimum quantity
• Available embossing designs:  13,15,17,22,23,25, 31, 34,35, 41 mat


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